Amanda, tilted.
Lo-res 35mm film scan.

Feigning Acceptance

Lost in the familiar scent
and comforting warmth
of that dark blue sweater
you left in my bedroom.

It slowly unravels around me,
tangling with my limbs;
Blindly, I pull on threads -
trying to hold it together.


Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands

I want simplicity

I need your arms wrapped hard around me


Field fires and smoke shrouds,
simmering heat waves burning
landscapes for the blind.


"Let’s never come here again because it would never be as much fun."
Lost in Translation (2003) Sofia Coppola


Carissa’s Wierd - “September Come Take This Heart Away”

I hope the seasons treat you kind

as kind as I never was

as comforting as I never could be


The stars gently flicker,
playing patience with the sky,
covering inhibitions under clouds -
broken constellations untraceable
by the telescopic eyes
of the perfection-seeking lovers
that lie under spell of night. 
Rainfall mantras, repetitious
monologues outstretched
along palisades distressed,
permanence invariable.
Foundations built to break
over time, waiting for light
to settle in a state of contentment;
nervous denial of the senses.
Back and forth, the world shifts -
the universe shivers infinite. 
Stability smiles with fickle posture,
holding on to waning trust
between two hearts disenchanted.
Their fixations cling to the unknown
darkness, glistening anxiously;
a hurtful silence, taking turns
in admiration and spite.