I realised that I have a voice, and therefore can read what I write aloud. Here are three poems that I have recorded so far. 


Winter Forgotten


I hope they haven’t been too unbearable, I plan on posting more pretty regularly. They will get better I promise.

Conversations With Nothing

"You are soulless, just skin and bones.
You care for absolutely nothing at all.”

I heard the ghost whisper from the mirror,
behind my neck, before my face;
it surrounded me and became the response
that could never quite leave my tongue. 

"I care for everything, you stare too deeply. 
You stare blindly, you stare right through me.”

The walls resounded with words desperate -
emanating without source, reflecting
without end. Transience tidal in volume,
rising and falling against my form. 

(Where have you gone? Where have we gone?
Where do we reside, when there is nothing within?)

Falling into repetitious whispers, lost between souls,
echoing outward, never returning. Structures fell
within; patient collapse, crushing quietly. To escape
this body and leave it to ruin - I yearned; unrequited. 

Dreaming cities after gloom;
mazes carved from cement.
Pressed teeth, burdened
streets coarse, embedded
on edges blunt - cracking
like fragile glass.

Skylines, fleeting tranquil;
hazel calm fractured in
burning in violet -
a final burst of light
through statues shadowing;
obelisk silhouettes
brooding darkly.
Nightfall shifts the clouds
to black, starless.
Motion, like turning clockwork,
vibrant eve of separation.

Looming forms unnoticed,
paralysis through bones
bleeding dust.
The views fog deeper
into growing silence.
Insomniac eyes never closing,
forever watching, always aching.


Chelsea Wolfe at the piano.

Winter was your love
and death, departing
breath exhaled -
frost blooms transparent,
melted on the windowsill.
The panes paled your happiness;
lily gardens left behind,
wilting from bedside view -
your worry wore the petals
to the bone, trembling
moonlit tones, falling.
Receding names
for a floral decay
familiar dismay
looked you coldly in the face;
unaware you remained
till the shivers took your veins.
A final chill to fill you heart
with memory of frozen rain.